Reducing Confusion & Improving Profits In Your Small BusinessImproving Profits In Your Small Business
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Less Chaos - More Cash - Running A Small Business

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Less Chaos More Cash

by Aaron Crowley

Many small businesses struggle to deliver their products and services on time. Many owners spend their time putting out fires instead of growing the business. Many are plagued by costly mistakes.

These businesses are in chaos.

Chaos exists when important work and critical tasks fall through the cracks as they are either performed incorrectly, at the wrong time, or simply not at all.

This happens for two reasons.

The Fatal Assumption™ — the owner mistakenly believes that some work is so basic and fundamental and thus so obviously important that it “goes without saying” and that it need not be explained … thus the successful completion of work falls through the cracks.

The Change Chain Phenomenon ™ — because of new employees, new customers, new competition, etc. changing roles and redistributed work assignments takes place constantly within the business. As this occurs, work is bound to fall through the cracks.

The solution to this problem is a process.

The PROcess™

For the important work to get done right and at the right time, a three-step management process must be applied:
• Assigning the Position that will perform the work or task
• Defining the Result the task must produce in clear and measurable terms
• Designing the Operation that when followed will consistently produce the desired result

This easy-to-implement approach to small business management will reduce the confusion that causes chaos and costly mistakes every time it is tried!

Aaron Crowley

Aaron Crowley SpeakerIn 1998, Aaron Crowley founded his first company, Crowley's Granite Concepts, and has grown it to what is today, one the most well respected and recognized stone fabrication companies in Oregon.

Along the way, Aaron has founded and co-founded two other successful ventures, patented a product, and turned the priceless lessons learned into valuable management practices that he has shared in dozens of articles and small business management workshops from Orlando, to Atlanta, to Las Vegas.

As a business owner and author, Aaron is engaged in the leadership and management of his two companies, writes monthly columns for two nationally distributed trade publications, and readily accepts invitations to share his powerful management messages with groups of small business owners.

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