Reducing Confusion & Improving Profits In Your Small BusinessImproving Profits In Your Small Business
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Less Chaos - More Cash - Running A Small Business

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Aaron Crowley
Workshop Presenter And Keynote Speaker

As the owner of two successful small businesses, Aaron Crowley understands the unique challenges facing small business owners and speaks with passion and excitement in the language business owners understand.

Aaron’s passion is helping small business owners achieve astounding results in their businesses and balance in their lives through his entertaining and enlightening workshops.

If you would like to invite Aaron to speak at an event, please call/email:

Aaron J. Crowley, President
Crowley’s Granite Concepts, Inc. &
The Granite Resource Group, LLC
PO Box 3733, Tualatin, OR 97062
503-691-1628 Phone
503-691-1703 Fax

Workshop Topics

  1. Less Chaos More Cash – The PROcess for reducing confusion and improving profits in your small business

  2. Survive & Thrive in the Shadow of Giant Competitors

  3. Five Mistakes Owners Make and How To Correct Them

  4. Small Business Sales Systems

  5. Hinge Point in History (Keynote Address)

What attendees say:

"Aaron's seminar was in depth yet entertaining. The seminar was easy to follow and very well organized. Aaron shows the importance of checklists from templating right through to installation. This is priceless information.”
-- Antonio A.

"I found the seminar to be both motivating and instructive. Aaron has a good understanding of the importance of effectively managing people in today's competitive stone fabrication business." -- Linus M.

“I attended Aaron’s seminar and I think he should sell his company and start public speaking. We immediately implemented his checklist procedure and so far it is working great.” -- Scott M.

“Your class was one of the best workshops at any of the conferences that I've been to.” -- Phil A.

Evaluation Comments:

Aaron was great. Keep this guy on board. Very informative and helpful to small business owner/managers. This process can be used in any department and any business model.

Fantastic speaker, useful content and an overall satisfying seminar. Thanks!

Overall, Aaron is very knowledgeable and proficient at the standards and procedures he was speaking about.

Really fired, he was prepared and knowledgeable.

Excellent, should be here every year!

Speaker was easy to follow. He should speak at more seminars.

This was a very informative seminar, very practical, hands- on, something to take to office & apply. Thanks!

It’s all about Value!

It really is all about value...the value an association provides its members, the value an event planner provides the association, and the value the speaker should provide for everyone involved. As such, it is my mission to make event holders/planners look good while providing practical information small business owners can take back to their companies and immediately apply!
-- Aaron J Crowley

Aaron Crowley

Aaron Crowley SpeakerIn 1998, Aaron Crowley founded his first company, Crowley's Granite Concepts, and has grown it to what is today, one the most well respected and recognized stone fabrication companies in Oregon.

Along the way, Aaron has founded and co-founded two other successful ventures, patented a product, and turned the priceless lessons learned into valuable management practices that he has shared in dozens of articles and small business management workshops from Orlando, to Atlanta, to Las Vegas.

As a business owner and author, Aaron is engaged in the leadership and management of his two companies, writes monthly columns for two nationally distributed trade publications, and readily accepts invitations to share his powerful management messages with groups of small business owners.

Aaron’s Articles

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If you would like information on using Aaron’s articles or inviting him to speak, please email us at: